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Mortgage Rates….Staying Low or Rising???

I wanted to ask people out there whether they feel interest rates are going to stay around 5% or rise?  I have had so many of my buyers get great interest rates with FHA loans.  It just amazes me how long they have stayed low.  If you listen to all the lenders ho are advertising they are saying to take adavantage of these “All Time Low Rates”, because they will not be here long.  When I heard this again today on the radio, I thought to myself, who knows?  I think you have to listen to the economists to understand. 

I think for the rates to rise the Obama adminstration needs to be worried about inflation.  However some economist, “moringstar analyist” are saying we are looking at a Double Dip.  This means that we are going to see home prices fall again, because the current adminstration has not been able to create enough jobs to prevent the double dip.  There is not enough income to support any price increases.

Anybody have any comments on what you think the interest rates will do?  Just a real estate agent trying to better prepare my clients for the future.


San Diego Home Tours (Carlsbad, Chula Vista)

Don’t Forget about the Home tours of San Diego County.  The doors will open on Saturday, May 3rd from 10:00am to 5:00pm.  They call the Carlsbad one “Castles of Carlsbad”.  You will see beautiful homes with panormaic Ocean views to one of the oldest homes in Carlsbad.

The Carlsbad Library and Arts Foundation sponsor the event.  Which benefit the Carlsbad City Library Learning Center.  This Library does wonderful events all year for it’s residents, you don’t want to miss this one, either, with a chance to give back to the city.

There will be six homes on this fifth annual tour spanding Carlsbad from end-to-end.  You can see a variety of homes from a Tuscan Retreat to a home with beautiful ocean views.  Adavnce tickets are $25 and are being sold and the Carlsbad City Library and Carlsbad Convention (both locations), coventions and Visitors Bureau, Armstrong Garden center, Flower Fields, and other sites around the city.

Chula Vista Home Tour:

If you want to see several homes from the Turn-of-the-Last-Century are on the popular Chula Vista Tour.  This will have people dressed in attire of the last century, and there will be vintage and tea related items for sale. 

This tour is May 10 from 10:00am – 4:00pm.  Please visit the city of Chula Vista for more information.